New Universal 10-Inch ‘Tesla Style’ Radio

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LinksWell 10 inch

LinksWell is shipping a double DIN car radio with a 10.1-inch floating screen as part of its T-Style or ‘Tesla-like’ car radio line.

The system is unusual in that it includes a CD/DVD player and that its chassis is double DIN rather than single DIN.  Its 10.1-inch capacitive screen can flip from landscape to portrait mode. So, for example, when viewing Waze on the screen, if you flip to portrait mode, you get a better view of the traffic ahead, said National Sales Manager Walt Detlefsen.

“It’s an off shoot of the T-Style radio that is vehicle specific.  We receive a number of calls and emails on a weekly basis from people asking about various other [vehicle-specific] applications that we don’t offer and this here will allow us to offer units for a ton of applications,” said Detlefsen.

The deck comes with a DVR and its screen acts as an Android tablet with WiFi Internet capability. Users can access the Google Play store and download apps directly to the car radio.  They can access their email and watch videos on the larger screen.

“I definitely believe there’s a movement to larger screens,” said Detlefsen.  “Tesla’s done a crazy job with their big screen but look at the Mercedes.  The [Mercedes] screen is larger and it sits away from the dash.  People are coming into stores looking for the Tesla or Mercedes look.”

The deck, model TS-DDUNIV10.1A, has a suggested retail price of $795.



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