Brandmotion Intros Switchable Front/Rear Parking System

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Press Release (edited):

SOUTHFIELD, MI: ​Brandmotion announced a  Switchable Front or Rear Parking System that includes 4 parking sensors that can be programmed to work on the front or rear of the vehicle.

The kit can help drivers avoid scrapes as the lower fascia of the car hits a curb or as the rear bumper hits a car as you back into a parking space.

The kit includes an LED display with a visual range indicator that shows the distance to an object. The display’s built in speaker will sound an audible tone that will increase in volume as your vehicle gets closer to an object (curb, wall, or another vehicle). With multiple mounting options, the display can be placed upside down and in the back of the vehicle so that you can view it in the rear-view mirror while backing up.

Also included are 2 sets of sensor adapters used for changing the sensor angle at 4° and 8°, allowing for placements on varying vehicle bumper shapes. The kit can also be used with a spare tire on the rear of the vehicle,and can be calibrated to account for the width of the spare tire.

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