Brandmotion Intros Blind Spot System With Cross Traffic

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Press Release (edited):

SOUTHFIELD, MI: ​Brandmotion’s new Radar Blind Spot System not only monitors your blind-spots for safe lane changes, but can also detect approaching objects from the side when the vehicle is in reverse with it’s cross traffic-detection.

The system eliminates 85 percent of false warning triggers by comparing your vehicle’s speed to the speed of a detected object to accurately assess whether the object in your blind-spot poses a risk.

When a real risk is identified, the system triggers an audible and visual warning alert, preventing dangerous lane changes. The system’s visual indicators are integrated cleanly at the bottom of the windshield pillar with no exposed wires. The radar’s detection range has been increased to 40 feet (about the same length as a semi-trailer).

The new system’s units are also 50 percent smaller than the original’s units, allowing it fit more vehicles.

Blind-spot related auto accidents occur all too often in the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2013 there were roughly 840,000 blind-spot related accidents. However, a recent report shows that radar blind-spot and collision avoidance systems are helping to reduce that number. In 2015, Jessica Cicchino, Vice President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) analyzed 5,000 accidents that radar blind spot warning is designed to prevent. She found that the rate of single vehicle, side swipe collisions was 11% lower in vehicles with these warning systems.

Although it is apparent that radar blind spot systems help reduce traffic accidents, the adoption of this technology has been slow. According to Cicchino, just 9 percent of 2017 vehicles offered Radar Blind Spot as standard equipment.  Brandmotion’s newly-upgraded Radar Blind Spot System, RDBS-1500, offers universal application for vehicles 2007 and newer.

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