Petra Distributes Alexa Device for the Car

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Press Release (edited):

EDMOND, OK — Petra Industries is partnering with Speak Music to bring Muse Auto™ device to major consumer electronics retailers.


Founded in 2016 and spearheaded by passionate entrepreneurs from Google®, Zynga® and Monster®, Speak Music is a leading voice and AI company with the mission to bring disruption-free entertainment and productivity to everyone.


Their Muse Auto™ device brings Alexa™-powered music and navigation into the car through the vehicle’s own stereo system. This small Bluetooth® AI assistant pairs with the user’s smartphone to bring over 30,000 Amazon® Alexa™ voice commands to any vehicle, plus hands-free calling. Muse Auto™ works with the user’s Amazon® account, cellular data plan and the free Muse Auto™ app.


“Bringing a virtual assistant into the car is the next step in the connected vehicle evolution,” said Tate Morgan, Petra President. “We’re excited to offer this widely praised, highly-rated product to our retail customers who are seeking to broaden their line of smart assistant devices.”


To find out more about Muse Auto™, please visit


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