GCH Announces Authentic OEM Blindspot Detection

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GCH announced it is offering a complete OEM authentic blindspot detection system that works in most cars.

The microwave-based system works in any car without a metal bumper. It offers cross-traffic alerts to warn of a car coming down the street or aisle as you are backing out.

The BSDOE-K1 uses complete and original factory parts but with formatting to allow for universal aftermarket installations. Each system has been calibrated to adhere to all of the currently available OEM specifications such as range of monitoring, sensor area scanning and On and Off scenarios.

“We’ve partnered with the OEM manufacturers, taken the original system and refined it to be universal.  Why it’s so beneficial is the quality behind it….Many other systems either lack basic features or scan an area so broadly it causes the system to false alarm.  Our system falses less than a typical aftermarket system.,” said GCH’s Greg Delgado.

The blind spot detection system allows installers to choose from three factory color matched visual LED displays. A newly designed and fully adjustable mounting system will also be included in each kit to allow for the variety of different installation scenarios but with specific usage markings on the brackets so you can record easily refer back to your installation notes and reproduce the same outcome over and over again. This will cut down on installation time and increase on consistency of results.

Following the successful launch of this system, we will be adding an unprecedented new feature that will give us in the aftermarket installation market, a cut above all others.  So keep your eyes open!

GCH Automotive is a Southern California based specialty manufacturer producing various solutions in navigation integration, camera and multi-media interfacing as well as many other OEM original products.    For further details or to locate an authorized GCH distributor or reseller, call 951-847-5673.  Email: [email protected]

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