Radar Detector Has Built-In Dashcam

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radar detector with dashcam

Whistler announced one of the first radar detectors to include a built-in dashcam at the Connected Car Show during CE Week last month.

The MFU440 detector includes a WiFi-enabled high-definition DVR to provide full radar and laser detection plus DVR recording in one unit.

The DVR allows users to playback video from the unit on a smartphone or tablet–iOS or Android, and it has a built-in G sensor for accident detection.

The MFU440 detects  all radar  and laser use in the US and has anti-falsing filters to block out radar from traffic flow sensors on the highways and from ADAS systems in other cars including lane departure and collision warning systems.

The unit includes GPS and a red light and speed camera location database for North America that is updateable through a USB cable (included).

The detector also has a selectable battery saver feature and a “Stay Alert” function to test a driver’s alertness on long trips.

The MFU440 is due to ship in late Q3 or Q4. Expected street price is around $249.



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