Waylens Ships Super Dashcam

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Waylens is finally shipping todayits Secure360 dashcam/security camera with a 360 view around the car.

The company said it had filled its Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders, after raising close to $500,000 on both platforms combined, and was now making the WiFi version of its Secure360 available to both retailers and consumers at $299.99.  A 4G version that lets you see in and around the car in real time is due to ship in August at $399.99.

Both devices provide a 360 view via a single camera placed on the lower part of a car’s windshield to capture movement in and around the car.  Video footage may then be viewed forward or backward or users can pan around to see the full view.  The system also includes an accelerometer for movement and also radar.  If it senses someone around the car it starts recording and sends an alert so the car owner can view the situation.

In the 4G version, when the owner is notified, he may then open the video stream and view what’s going on around the car.  He can call the police or visit his car. A video of the event is automatically sent to the cloud for reference.  Another advantage of the 4G Secure360 is that you can view a teen driver in real time.

In the WiFi version, video is stored on an SD card, so you can view the face of anyone breaking into the car, and send it to the police.

“If you’re in a parking lot and someone door-dings you or bumps into you, you have security all the time with video,” said Waylens President Tim Coomer.  The Secure360 can operate in park mode for weeks at a time, where most dashcams only operate for a few days on battery mode and then shut off, he said.  Waylens also monitors the car’s battery so it doesn’t drain it.

Some retailers believe DVRs will grow in popularity in the US, as they are highly popular in Russia and Asia.

“We’ve talked with some major retailers and their dashcam business is up significantly year over year.  And they believe it should be up more than its current acceptance in the US,” said Coomer. “Major retailers are seeing double digit growth and they think it will get to triple digit,” he added.

Waylens will display at CE Week in New York City at the Connected Car Show June 20-21st at Jacob K. Javits Center,  River Pavilion (Level 4).

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