Stinger Intros Toslink Interconnects

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Press Release (edited):

CLEARWATER, FL — Stinger Electronics has announced its Toslink Interconnects, an X1 fiber-optic cable that delivers accurate audio  with no noise.

Stinger says its Optical Interconnects are the purest way to send and receive sound in your car audio system. They improve sonic resolution and reduce jitter, thanks to the pairing of flexible, non-reflective PVC dielectric insulation with a triple-polished, medical-grade, light conductive core.

Optical Interconnects are Hi-Res Audio-ready, they support multi-channel audio, and the flexible jackets allow easy installation, even in tight spaces.

The Interconnects’ construction promises no breaks in the signal chain, allowing for unmatched signal transfer. The triple polishing of the optical cable creates maximum light transfer, which reduces the possibility of data errors, delivering pure sound. Finally, the Quad-Lock precision connector resists vibration to keep the connection intact.


Available in three lengths:

XI1117: 17ft / 5.2m

XI116: 6ft / 1.8m

XI113: 3ft / 0.9m


For more information regarding Stinger, contact your Stinger sales representative. Stinger is an AAMP Global company.

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