VOXX Manager Joins V2V Company

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Shane Wilson Joins Tome

Shane Wilson formerly Assistant VP for Driver Safety at VOXX has been named VP of Business Development and Sales for a company developing Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Anything (V2X) technology.

The company called Tome, based in Michigan, is led by the original founders of Livio who made a car stereo device as well as integration software. Livio was then purchased by Ford and Tome was started by the same founders, Jake Sigal and and Massimo Baldini.

Wilson will be working on V2X technology that brings intelligence to road signs so that they can recognize bicyclists and then alert cars to the presence of the cyclists.  Automobiles might get an actual warning on their dashboard that a cyclist was nearby or in a crossing.  Wilson will work with cities and OEM companies.

“I’m a lifelong cyclist who grew up in the Motor City, so I completely understand the need for and challenge of creating roads that are safe for pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and autonomous systems,” Wilson said. “When I heard Jake and the team at Tome were tackling B2V safety systems, it was clear where I’d head next.”

Prior to Tome, Wilson served as Assistant VP of Advanced Safety and Convenience at VOXX Automotive.

For more information on Tome visit  www.tomesoftware.com

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