Orca Announces New Sales Reps

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Press Release (edited):

CAMARILLO, CA – Orca Design and Manufacturing, which sells brands including Focal, Mosconi, Gladen and Illusion, announced several new rep firms appointed this year. The additions affect 19 states and significantly increase the number of sales professionals available to service Orca retailers in those areas.

Reil and Associates, run by partners Kevin and Scott Reil, now covers retailers in Montana, Eastern Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.

Paragon Sales and Marketing has expanded its territory from Southern California to encompass Arizona and New Mexico.

In the east, North Carolina’s Tech Marketing serves retail outlets throughout South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia in addition to its home state. High Point Sales represents Orca brands in Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and western Pennsylvania. And Trent Partners, run by founder Stephen Trentacoste and President Frank Lombardo, manage Orca brands in metro New York.

“Our goal over the first quarter was to provide a higher level of service to our retailers,” said Nalaka Adikari, sales director for Orca. “As a result of these additions, we’ve increased our on-the-street sales representation from 38 individuals to more than 60. Feedback we’ve gotten from the field tells us we made the right decisions with the rep firms we chose as partners.”

Photos: Orca awards reps of the year for 2017 including Marketing Pros, Paragon Sales, Midwest Sales Group and Opus Marketing Group.


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