CarPlay to Impact Car Sales

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Feature: CarPlay and Android Auto may be changing the way consumers buy cars.

“Typically, we find that infotainment is far down the list of vehicle purchase priorities, but it appears that mirroring solutions [CarPlay and Android Auto] could be changing this.  One out of four said they were not at all likely to consider a vehicle without a mirroring solution…” said Strategy Analytics analyst Derek Viita.

More than half of CarPlay and Android Auto radio owners said they were somewhat or very unlikely to purchase a new car without either of those formats.   And about 15 percent of each were VERY unlikely to purchase a car without one of the formats, according to a new study from Strategy Analytics.

“At the very least, OEMs need to be promoting these solutions with dealers and providing a compelling showroom demonstration,” concluded Viita.

The same advice would apply to car audio aftermarket retailers, as well.

And while you’re at it, you can tell prospective buyers that over 85 percent of Android Auto and CarPlay users are somewhat or very satisfied with their systems and more than 90 percent would recommend them to others.

CarPlay and Android Auto systems are also heavily used by those who own them. Thirty-four percent of CarPlay users and 27 percent of Android Auto users rely on those system for ALL of their audio entertainment.

Only 16 percent said they usually listen to AM/FM radio rather than CarPlay (15 percent said the same for Android Auto).

Usage has also gained since last year when 59 percent of respondents said they listen to CarPlay most of the time. This year, that figure rose to 67 percent.  For Android Auto it increased from 40 to 66 percent.

Strategy Analytics studied 100 each of Android Auto and CarPlay users. The report may be found here.

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