Here’s ARC Audio’s New DSP Amplifiers

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ARC-Series with DSP

ARC Audio is expected to ship in June or July a line of amplifiers that can be converted to DSP/amplifiers. And they can be easily installed in certain complex factory systems because they work with iDatalink’s Maestro AR interface.

The new ARC Series amplifiers have modular front ends that can be swapped with an optional IPS8.8 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) card to become DSP/amps.

There’s also a WiFi card option for the ARC Series.  This provides the actual hosting of a website on the actual amplifier so any WiFi device with the correct log in to the website can control the features and functions of the amplifiers.  The WiFi card will be available when the ARC Series ships.

The amplifiers are also the first from ARC Audio to work with a Maestro AR module that allows them to be easily installed in many systems that come with a factory amplifier.

With the optional DSP card, the amplifiers offer 8-channel processing with signal delay, customized signal routing, multi-channel OEM signal mixer, crossover selections, phase control, equalization and other controls, according to ARC Audio.

The ARC Series includes three models—a 2-channel, a 4-channel and a 6-channel–called the ARC 1000.2, 1000.4 and 1000.6.  Prices range from $789 to $899.

The amps are about 15 inches long and 2 inches high by about 6.5 inches wide.   They each deliver roughly between 1,000 and 1200 watts of power.

To add an IPS 8.8DSP card, you undo 8 screws on the bottom of the amp, and then replace the analog input board that comes with the amp with the iPS 8.8.

Looking at the ARC 1000.2 specifically, it delivers 500 watts per channel or a single 1000-watt channel into a 4-Ohm load.

A pair of 1000.2 amps can be strapped together to produce 2,000 watts into a 2-ohm load.

Other specs on the 1000.2:

  • 2-Channel Amplifier
  • Microprocessor Class-D design.
  • Removable Analog Front End Input Stage
  • Designed and Engineered by Robert Zeff.
  • Adjustable Frequency Class D Design For Improved Signal Transparency And Overall Sound Quality While Reducing The Possibility Of Interference And Noise.
  • Remote Bass Boost Control (Included).
  • Cast Aluminum Chassis Design
  • Full Range Amplifier Design
  • Single Side Connection Design.
  • Nickel Plated RCA Terminals.
  • Quick Disconnect Speaker Terminal Plugs.
  • Audiophile Class D Output Filter Networks.
  • Detailed Micro Processor Controlled Protection.
  • Large, High-Frequency Switching Power Supplies.
  • Balanced Differential RCA Inputs Are Compatible With Hi-level Inputs.
  • Fault Codes Storage Of The Last Protection Code Detected.
  • High Signal To Noise Ratio Without Compromising Power Output.
  • Ultra Low ESR, High Capacity Power Supply Storage Capacitors.
  • Next Generation High-Speed Class-D Technology Powering All ARC Series Amplifiers.
  • Bridged Mode Auto Detect Turn-On Works With Most Chip Based OEM Head units.
  • Compatible With The IPS8.8 Integrated DSP Module Solution (Sold Separately)
  • Precision Filtering Isolates The Power Supply Reducing Unwanted Interference In Radio Reception.
  • Block Type Terminal Connections.


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