VAIS Ships SiriusXM Integration Devices for 2018

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Press Release (edited):

VAIS Technology has released new satellite radio integrated solutions designed for 2018 GM, Ford, Honda and Jeep models. This solution allows owners of these 2018 models to add SiriusXM satellite radio to their existing factory stereo, without compromising functionality.

“Since 2003, VAIS Technology have been developing satellite radio adapters for vehicles that aren’t equipped from the factory with SiriusXM tuners,” said Dennis Hopper, Vice President of Sales. “…many new OEM vehicles still don’t come equipped from the factory with satellite tuners. In 2018 alone, four new models now have deleted options of satellite radio. Our company develops simple, easy to install integrated solutions that add satellite radio, but preserve factory functions.”

The new 2018 integration kits provide coverage for GM (GSR-G04), Ford (GSR-042), Honda (GSR-025) and Jeep (GSR-053) vehicles. Also, all of these models are compatible with the GSR-U01 (universal unit) which can be flashed using online software.

This adapter connects directly to the original factory radio and allows the vehicle owner to listen to satellite radio through the existing factory system. The VAIS integrated solution also allows for full control of satellite radio functions – changing stations, setting presets, steering wheel functions, etc.

To learn more about the new, GSR-G04, GSR-042, GSR-025, GSR-053, and GSR-U01 visit


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