Master Rep for Driver Safety Launches

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A new 12 volt company has launched to act as a “master rep” or aggregator for new driver safety brands that are not yet offered or well-known in the US.

The new company, Advanced Vehicle Solutions in Orange County, CA, will provide sales and marketing for “OEM quality” driver safety products, the first of which will be introduced around April 1.

The new driver safety aggregator is lead by Bob Goodman, an industry veteran who has held senior management posts at companies including Rydeen, Harman, Rostra, and Sherwood.

The first new products will include an “anti-driver distraction” product  from an Israeli company.  Another product will be a sophisticated blind spot detector, said Goodman.

Specifics on the new lines will be announced in coming weeks.

Advanced Vehicle Solutions will work with a network of about 13 manufacturer’s reps to support the new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) lines.

“Many small companies with just 1 or 2 products simply cannot afford the necessary infrastructure to compete on a level playing field with the established players, thus the need for Advanced Vehicle Solutions,” said Goodman.

He said the goal Advanced Vehicle Solutions is to carefully select only products that meet quality, value and feature benchmarks.  “With the ADAS category growing at such a rapid rate it has attracted dozens of suppliers almost overnight.  This makes it difficult for distributors, expediters and 12 volt specialists to determine which products offer the best solutions for their customers. Advanced Vehicle Solutions addresses this with an established national network of manufacturers’ representatives already on board, selling handpicked solutions. We’ve already secured agreements for our initial product offerings and they will be available shortly to select resellers in the U.S and Canada, some are exclusive to us.”

Goodman recently concluded a relationship with DriveAssist Technologies after setting up their initial distribution and sales rep network.

Advanced Vehicle Solutions can be contacted at [email protected] or 949.201.9213.


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