Directed Intros Low-Current DS4

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Directed DS4 remote start

Press Release:


LAS VEGAS– Directed announces today a new addition to their growing line of products featuring DS4 technology. Last year, Directed redefined the industry with the all-new DS4+ Remote Start systems that featured Bluetooth connectivity, high current relays, and the ability to be configured as either remote start or remote start with security.

This year Directed is complementing the DS4+ with the new DS4. The DS4 is a low-current version of its big brother, the DS4+. All of the data, input/output, auxiliary relay, and D2D connections are exactly the same as the DS4+. This makes the DS4 compatible with DS4+ accessories and most of Directed’s expanding T-Harness line-up.

The DS4 is ideal for modern vehicles, which generally don’t require the on-board high current relays of the DS4+. This means the DS4 can save a dealer the added expense of on-board relays that won’t be used in an install.

“The Innovations Award Winning DS4 technology will also be available in more brands this year,” according to James Turner, SVP of Product Development and Technical Services at Directed. “The free ‘Driveway Range’ Bluetooth control is a fantastic selling point. Once your customers see how handy it is to control their vehicle with their phone, that’s the perfect opportunity for you to explain the added benefits of a full Directed SmartStart or SmartStart GPS with our unbeatable global range.”

Directed will begin shipping this DS4 product in the first quarter.

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