New VOXX Microwave Blind Spot Detector for Trucks

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VOXX Electronics

Feature Story:

Advent (VOXX Electronics) is introducing a microwave radar blind spot detection system that works in trucks.

Until now, advanced microwave radar blind spot detection systems typically required the vehicle have a plastic bumper suitable for mounting.  This excluded many trucks with metal bumpers.

To work around this problem, the new Advent system installs in the truck tail light, and is specific to certain trucks so there’s no need for extensive calibration, said VOXX Senior VP Aron Demers.

The Advent Factory Tail Light will ship in Q2 for the Ford F150, Dodge Ram and Chevy Sliverado/GM Sierra.

“We solved the problem of calibration. It also gives our dealers or expeditors a solution on a metal truck bumper that they don’t have today. Microwave radar can go through plastic so we put it in the tail light, just as it’s done in OEM systems,” said Demers.

The system requires no drilling or body modifications. It also includes rear cross traffic (RCT) and Door Open Warning (DOW).

The new blind spot detector will be on display at CES January 9-12 in Las Vegas in the VOXX Electronics Booth 13518, LVCC.

See also Rydeen blind spot detection at CES here.



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