Harman Shows OEM Augmented Reality Infotainment

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Harman New OEM Tech

Harman, now a subsidiary of Samsung, announced it will show at CES one of the first Augmented Reality enabled OEM infotainment systems.

The system uses “real video” and pictures when displaying navigation prompts; not a general map. And it incorporates real time images from in-car cameras.  It makes use of a new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) from Harman combined with Samsung cameras, as well as Harman’s over the air updates and cybersecurity.  This is part of a digital cockpit that Harman is presently offering to OEMs.

In a pre-CES conference call, Harman VP Global Marketing Car Audio Bill Wyman said Harman will also show during CES new speakers for the “ride sharing economy.”  In the future, fewer consumers will own cars, and will instead, summon an autonomous car when needed.  These autonomous cars will have entertainment systems that can suit a variety of tastes, since they will accommodate a variety of passengers.  Speakers will be able to “transform in real time” from JBL “concert sound” to Harman Kardon “serene” audio, he said.

Harman will also show a Moodroof for OEMs that can appear as a video “roof” over the driver to create a mood.  It appears to be aimed at cars that are able to switch into autonomous mode. So if you hit traffic, the Moodroof will switch to a calming scene, with calming music from the speakers.

Harman will also bring Samsung’s display technology to the car in the form of Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode (QLED) technology and Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays.   QLED has direct lit backlighting for greater power savings.  “In a world where every surface inside the car could become a screen, consumers will expect the same kind of visual experience they get on their personal electronics when they buckle up,” said a Harman statement.

Harman also announced it is offering OEMs vehicle-to-vehicle communications over 5G cellular (rather than the earlier WiFi -based proposed DSRC standard).

Regarding the here and now, Harman said audio remains one of the key factors that “sells” a car.  One out of every three consumers says car audio plays a role in which car they buy. And a 30 percent boost in car ownership satisfaction can be achieved with exceptional car audio performance.  Plus 70 percent of Millennials say technology is important in considering their next car.

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