EchoMaster Adds Blind Spot Warning to Ford Transit

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CLEARWATER, FL —EchoMaster, a leader in the production of OEM-quality safety systems, has recently announced that they have expanded their line of EchoMaster Pro Blind Spot Avoidance Systems to now include the top selling U.S. commercial van, the Ford Transit, with extended tow mirrors.


The Ford Transit Blind Spot avoidance system includes turn signal triggers which activate lane change assistance cameras, providing a full view of dangerous blind spots. This encourages safe driving, and avoids the blind spot issues that are so dangerous to larger vehicles such as SUVs, trucks and vans, like the Ford Transit. This potentially saves fleets thousands of dollars by avoiding costly accidents and downtime of a service vehicle. The system also activates upon reversing, maintaining the factory reverse camera function. Optional front camera can be manually activated by the driver at will. The front camera image is automatically triggered on the OE display when the vehicle goes below 6mph to assist when parking.


This system, which includes perfect-fit camera/mirror caps and integrates directly into the existing OEM display, is now available to EchoMaster Authorized Dealers.


With this recently-released camera system, EchoMaster continues to establish themselves as an industry leader in the creation and distribution of high-quality aftermarket safety products. EchoMaster Pro products, powered by PAC technology, help fulfill high consumer demand for high-quality, reliable collision avoidance systems, such as blind spot detection kits.


Using advanced technology, the Ford Transit Blind Spot System replaces the existing trim on the vehicle’s mirrors. These Stealth Side View Mirror Cameras provide a seamless, OEM-quality finish. With a factory-like finish, integration into existing media consoles, and a reliable design backed by a 3-year warranty, the Ford Transit Blind Spot System is a great choice for those seeking a high-quality aftermarket safety system for their vehicle.


EchoMaster’s Ford Transit Blind Spot Integrated Camera systems for 2016-2017 (sku# FCTP-FT1601) vehicles equipped with factory backup camera and extended tow mirrors, are available from authorized EchoMaster dealers at a suggested retail price of $799.99.


For more information regarding EchoMaster’s integrated safety solutions, contact your EchoMaster sales representative. Interested in becoming an EchoMaster authorized dealer, contact AAMP Global at 800-477-2267 or by email.


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