PAC Intros Video Interface for GM Trucks

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CLEARWATER, FL –  PAC, manufacturer of vehicle integration technology, announced the release of MCI-GM52, its latest addition to its video integration suite. MCI-GM52, facilitates the integration of up to four safety cameras on select 2015 – 2017 General Motors trucks with a 7” screen (RPO IOB). Due to trucks’ larger size, the driver is presented with significant blind spot areas creating dangerous situations when driving, parking, and reversing. Adding safety cameras to your vehicle, has been proven to reduce the risk from the more common-place blind spot accidents. Such as back-over crashes, or side-swipe crashes. Especially common when smaller vehicles or motorcycles are in a truck’s blind spot while changing lanes.


MCI-GM52 is a plug-n-play interface making these safety camera installations easier, resulting in time savings. With the multi-camera interface, you can add cameras such as side, rear, front, trunk, tailgate, or roof mount cameras to create a viewing solution to meet your driving needs. Additionally, the MCI-GM52 improves the use of those safety cameras, making them responsive to driver behavior, or allowing the driver full control of camera activation through a simple touch-screen interface.


When equipped, the multi-camera interface allows automatic activation of side lane change assistance cameras when using turn signals for lane change assistance, and reverse cameras when putting your vehicle in reverse to prevent back-over crashes. MCI-GM52 is customizable to meet the needs of vehicles with or without a factory back-up camera. If the vehicle is equipped with a factory back-up camera, the multi-camera interface will give you the ability to override that camera for multi-camera viewing.


The user-friendly touch screen camera interface gives you the ability to switch between your camera views manually, creating a responsive, customized, and seamless viewing of your blind spots.


PAC recommends the following General Motors EchoMaster cameras for a complete blind spot, collision avoidance solution:


  • CHMSL Camera: PCAM-CHMSL-SIL – CHMSL cameras mount into the truck’s third brake light, offering the driver a view into the bed of their truck
  • Front Camera: PCAM-10FF-GM
  • Blind spot Cameras: PCAM-BS1 – Lane change assistance side cameras, mounted under the mirrors
  • Wireless Camera: RVC-W2 – Multiple mounting options available, perfect for towing


Check out the EchoMaster website ( to learn more about our camera options.


MCI-GM52 is currently available at a suggested retail price of $599.99 including:

Integration module

Power adapter harness

Camera input

Power harness

Installation accessories (NVH kit and cable ties)

Instruction manual

*Cameras are sold separately from EchoMaster


Vehicle Applications


MCI-GM52 is compatible with the following vehicles with a 7” screen:


2015 – 2017 Chevrolet Colorado

2015 – 2017 Chevrolet Silverado

2015 – 2017 GMC Canyon

2015 – 2017 GMC Sierra



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