EchoMaster Adds to IntelliHaul for GM Dealers

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Clearwater, FL —EchoMaster is expanding its OE accessory program with the introduction of front facing camera systems for select mid-sized and full-sized trucks. These front facing kits add a heavy duty camera with a high quality image, that auto adjusts to different lighting conditions, during parking, or when triggered by the driver during forward motion. This extended view enhances the front vision for drivers, which can often be impeded due to the large front end of pickup trucks.


EchoMaster’s IntelliHaul system was designed to provide multiple viewing angles to GM vehicles while driving, parking and towing.  The additional front facing camera complements the system, providing driver assistance and a full 360° view around their truck. Front, side, back, and trailer making all situations easier and safer.


Not limited to the road, the camera also makes your off-road adventures better, and safer. Besides commuters and road trippers, off-road warriors can harness the benefits of a front camera anywhere they roam. Any potential obstacles in the trail such as rocks and tree stumps that could cause damage or the vehicle to get stuck, can now be avoided entirely with a clear, crisp view on your vehicle’s entertainment screen, well in advance.


Built with safety in mind, the system integrates seamlessly into GM’s OE infotainment screens. The driver gets to be in full control of their view by pressing the “BACK” button on the radio for 3 seconds; this activates the camera so it can be viewed on the vehicle’s infotainment screen.


For GM trucks already equipped with an IntelliHaul system, adding EchoMaster’s front facing camera, PCAM-10F-GM, to an existing kit, provides the final view needed for a driver to experience a clear crisp view from 360°, including front, side, rear, and towing views.


EchoMaster’s General Motors IntelliHaul Front Facing systems are available exclusively at GM dealers. FC-GMOEFF-HD (GM# 19366657) works with 2014-2018 Silverado and Sierra light-duty and heavy-duty trucks for a full package price of MSRP $499.99.  The FC-GMOEFF-CC (GM# 19366656) is compatible with 2015-2018 Colorado and Canyon mid-sized trucks for a full package price of MSRP $499.99.


For trucks already equipped with an IntelliHaul system, the Front Facing Camera from EchoMaster, PCAM-10FF-GM (GM#19367534,) works with both the 2014-2018 Silverado and Sierra light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, and the 2015-2018 Colorado and Canyon mid-sized trucks, for a full package price of MSRP $179.99.


For more information regarding IntelliHaul or other EchoMaster integrated safety solutions, contact your EchoMaster sales representative. If you’re interested in becoming an EchoMaster authorized dealer, contact AAMP Global at 800-477-2267 or by email.


About AAMP Global:

Established in 1987, owned by Audax Private Equity, and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, AAMP Global restlessly pursues innovative ways to enhance what moves you.  Global manufacturer of mobile aftermarket technology for consumer and commercial vehicles; developing safety solutions under EchoMaster, smartphone connectivity under iSimple, high performance audio enhancement under Stinger and Phoenix Gold, and OEM integration solutions under Autoleads and PAC. AAMP enables you to define your drive, one vehicle at a time, anywhere in the world.


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