Fast Rings Now Under Stinger RoadKill Brand

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CLEARWATER, FL – AAMP Global’s Stinger brand has partnered with FAST Rings to exclusively sell its acoustic speaker kits under the Stinger RoadKill brand.

Stinger now has exclusive rights to the FAST Rings patent and trademark and will sell four FAST Rings acoustic speaker kits in its RoadKill line.

FAST Rings will continue to service a few select dealer accounts and it will handle all orders for the 8-inch Fast Rings, but the bulk of the business will be handled by Stinger, said Ben Larson, the Minnesota car audio dealer who developed FAST Rings and turned it into a national product.

“We feel they are able to serve our clients much more efficiently than we ever could,” he said of Stinger.

The acoustic kits are laser cut foam rings with industrial-grade peel away adhesive backing.  They mount around the speaker and the installation surface to improve the projection of the audio into the car cabin and reduce unwanted rear reflections that can degrade sound, said Stinger.

The four RoadKill Fast Rings skus are the RKFR5, RKFR6, RKFR5768, and RKFR69.  Each kit comes with 3 patented laser-cut rings.

Until now, FAST Rings sold through about 300 direct accounts plus distributors.

Car Toys is FAST Rings’ biggest account. The company also sells to Crutchfield,  Al & Eds, Custom Sounds, Stereo King, Aspen Sound, Sound of Tri-State, Foss Audio, Columbus Car Audio, Visions Electronics and others.

FAST Rings said its current distributors will continue to sell the brand, “Yes, we have worked very hard to build those relationships and they are all very important to me. This relationship with AAMP Global will only help to serve our current customers better,” Larson said.

The new RoadKill kits include an inner most ring that defends against rogue sound waves on the back side of the vehicle’s door panel, while also preventing unwanted cancellation. The middle ring, also known as the gasket, is placed around the outside ring of the speaker to provide a direct channel through the vehicle’s factory speaker openings to limit turbulent sound waves. Finally, the outer ring, the spacer, creates a bond between the inner door skin and the vehicle’s speaker, ensuring an airtight seal.

The RKFR5 fits 5- and 5.25-inch speakers; the RKFR6 fits 6- and 6.5-inch speakers; the RKFR5768 fits 5×7- and 6×8- speaker and the  RKFR69 fits 6×9-inch speakers.

All new RoadKill models are now available at a suggested retail price of $24.99.

Stinger listed other benefits of the speaker rings as follows:

• Reduce panel vibration • Increase mid-bass response • Enhanced audio output efficiency • Minimize destructive wave interference • Help prevent front and rear wave cancellation • Easy installation with peel & stick application • Maximize performance for speaker installations


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