Rydeen Offers POP for BSS1 Blind Spot System

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TORRANCE, CA–Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced the arrival of new in-store POP for retail dealers purchasing the new BSS1 Blind Spot Safety System.  Available now is a counter top display easel as well as a floor standing BSS1 banner.  Soon to arrive is a retail window display to assist in attracting potential new customers to the store.  All of these items are provided free of charge to support the sales of the BSS1 at the store level.

Rydeen blind spot display

The BSS1 was introduced at 2017 CES.  “It works much the same as the OEM systems using the microwave radar technology for sensing traffic approaching in adjacent lanes specifically in the driver’s blind spot” said Mike Northup, Director of Sales and Marketing for Rydeen Mobile.  He added, “It sees what the driver may not see in the side view mirrors.” It comes equipped with LEDs for visual alert and a beeper for audible alert. The GPS antenna is included for increased accuracy of driver alerts by sensing speed.

As an added bonus, the BSS1 at a suggested retail price of $599 gives a cross traffic alert when backing out of a parking space.

For more information contact Rydeen at 877-777-8811 or visit www.rydeenmobile.com.


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