Businessworx Adds Revieworx

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BUSINESSWORX subscribers at Basic level and higher may have noticed a new feature unlocked this week – REVIEWORX.

“Reviews can make or break a business these days,” explains AVIDWORX President Marcel Newell.

“Over 80% of customers are now researching businesses, products, and services online before making a purchase. Over three-quarters of those people are doing their pre-shopping using Google – which is three times more than all of the other review sites and social media pages combined.

“The bottom line is that businesses need to stay on top of their reviews if they want to continue to attract customers. We can help.”

REVIEWORX makes it easy to send Google review requests to positive customers. Just add their phone number to the REVIEWORX software, which will send them an SMS text message with a link.

The link takes customers to a page where they are asked if they would recommend your store to others. If they choose “yes” they will be directed to Google’s review page for your store. If the response is negative they will be sent to another page where they can explain why – giving the retailer a chance to intercept any unhappy customers before they end up online.

REVIEWORX is built into BUSINESSWORX web-based software, and there is also a separate desktop app that tucks out of the way on the top of your screen when you don’t need it. The app syncs with the online software to ensure that data is captured immediately.

“Some of the stores we work with are paying over $200 a month for similar review services,” says Newell. “By making it available to our BUSINESS subscribers as part of the package we’re fulfilling our core commitment to continually add more features and more value to the software.”

REVIEWORX is available to all BUSINESSWORX Basic subscribers, and will soon be offered as a standalone add-on to the “Free-ish” account (which includes PRICEWORX and MEDIAWORX).

To see BUSINESSWORX and REVIEWORX in action you can join in the weekly BUSINESSWORX webinars at<>. A 30-day free trial is also available.

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