iPhone May Offer FLAC Playback

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iPhone 7

Now that beta iOS 11 is available to developers, some are reporting that Apple has included full FLAC playback support in the software, which should be available to all users this fall.

The Next Web is reporting that members of Reddit who are using beta iOS 11  say it will be able to playback FLAC audio music directly from an iPhone or iPad.

The Verge reports that FLAC files can be synced to an iPhone through iCloud Drive, and then accessed through the new Files application.  This would mark the first time that Apple has supported popular FLAC files for high quality audio playback versus Apple’s own ALAC format (available in iTunes).

Still, the FLAC support in iOS 11 works only in the Files application and not directly in the Apple Music app.

See more at The Next Web here and at The Verge.

Source: tnw.com

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