New Automotive Camera for Auto Enthusiasts

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Waylens Horizon

BOSTON, MA Waylens, Inc., announced today its expansion into retail with its Horizon HD Automotive Camera System.

The precision camera is aimed at auto enthusiasts and Waylens is currently seeking distributors and retailers in the 12 volt industry.

“The Waylens Horizon was initially launched on Kickstarter in 2015 and is now ready for prime time after a successful finish to 2016,” said co-founder and CEO Haowei Zhang. “Our global team includes offices in Boston, Cincinnati and Shanghai with our core development team coming from Ambarella” continued Zhang.

Waylens developed the Horizon HD Automotive Camera System specifically for auto enthusiasts. At the heart of the system is a high-precision camera featuring GPS, a 9-axis motion sensor and a 1.39” round OLED display with user-friendly swipe functionality. The system’s wireless OBDII module captures vehicle performance data automatically and transmits it to the camera and embeds it into video the driver can then edit and share, choosing from multiple data overlays that include Date/Time, Lap Map, Lap Records, Lap Times, Current Best Lap, MPH/RPM/Throttle and G-Force.

“We recently added a couple of exciting new features to Horizon, including Waylens Go which captures 0-to-30 and 0-to-60 performance, tracking results on a leaderboard. In addition, our new LapTimer feature uses GPS coordinates to map out a track or course then records and stores subsequent lap times by date, making it easy to share best lap time or all lap times on the Waylens cloud or on social media. Both Waylens Go and LapTimer add gamification aspects to the camera and makes the experience more social, fun and engaging,” continued Zhang.

Waylens began shipping the Horizon HD Automotive Camera System in October of last year and is now expanding distribution. Horizon is the only complete automotive camera system consisting of a high-performance camera, remote control, and on-board diagnostic system (OBD-II) data module that overlays real-time vehicle performance data over stunning HD video. The system also includes mobile and desktop applications enabling drivers to capture and share their best moments right from the road. The Horizon is available direct for $499.95 MSRP at


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