Crutchfield Takes on More Upscale 12V Brands

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Orca Design and Manufacturing announced that Crutchfield will carry its upscale Mosconi and Illusion Audio brands.  Crutchfield already carries Orca’s high end Focal car audio brand.

Crutchfield receives more than 7 million visits per month on its web site

Orca, which distributes the Mosconi, Illusion and Focal brands in North America said, “It’s not an easy decision to take a line that was made by brick-and-mortar retailers into the online space,” according to Kimon Bellas, president and founder of Orca. “We have to take many things into consideration, most importantly that it does not negatively affect the retailers who proudly represent and sell our brands. Second is that any company we partner with must maintain the brand image we’ve cultivated. Crutchfield has shown that it is able to accomplish both requirements through strict pricing policy adherence as well as immersive customer service before and after the sale.”

Illusion-AudioCrutchfield now lists the entire Illusion Audio line, a series of speakers and subwoofers engineered at Orca headquarters in Camarillo, CA. Illusion Audio is designed to deliver superior sound quality in almost any vehicle application, without excessive emphasis on placement and space requirements. The line includes speaker sizes from 3 inches to 6-by-9 inches to fit most factory drop-in locations, as well as subwoofers with front-mounted magnets to decrease mounting depth requirements. MSRPs range from $170 for a pair of entry-level, 4-inch drivers to $1,150 for an 8-inch component set.

Mosconi is represented at by two of its Gladen series premium power amplifiers. The D2 100.4 (MSRP $1,000.00) delivers 105 watts RMS into each of four channels. The companion D2 500.1 (MSRP $800) is a mono-block amplifier capable of 475 watts RMS through its single channel. Both amplifiers feature speaker-level inputs as well as high- and low-pass filtering.

“Overall, I think our dealers see our involvement with Crutchfield as a positive to their businesses,” said Orca Sales Director Nalaka Adikari. “The presence of products with a well-established and reputable online retailer works to expand brand awareness and improve customer confidence in the products. Crutchfield has done well with our Focal line alongside our brick-and-mortar retailers. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with our in-house Illusion Audio brand and Mosconi.”

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