Goshers Launches New Blind Spot Detector

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Goshers blind spot detector

Goshers, one of the first companies to sell an aftermarket blind spot detector, announced a new model using new microwave radar based technology for fewer false alerts.

The new BSDS-RD1108 system ships this week at approximately $650.


Gosher’s CEO Hardeep Singh said the company sold 6,000 to 8,000 units of the previous ultrasonic based 2- and 4-sensor models. The 4-sensor model is available at $350.

The new BSDS-RD1108 uses two radar sensors that mount behind the rear bumper cover, making it virtually invisible from the exterior of the vehicle.

The system uses the same radar technology found in OEM factory equipment and provides real-time alerts to the driver with no latency, claims Goshers.

Gosher’s detectors do not link to the CAN bus as in some other models and do not use a speed sensor so installation is simpler, it said.  There is no programming involved in the installation.

The system provides a visual alert via an LED indicator in view of the driver and adds an audible beep if the driver activates a turn signal.

Singh said the sensors start to detect an object approaching at 49 feet from the vehicle and then alerts the driver when the object is 10 feet away.

The new unit will carry a 3 year warranty making it more attractive to expeditors.  The earlier units carried a 1 year warranty.

The master controller for the RD1108 is contained within one of the sensors, which minimizes the number of harnesses and mounting locations which need to be pre-planned at the time of installation.

The system includes a wiring harness, “which is manufactured to factory-like specifications, including the connections, looming and noise insulation (pre-installed),” said Goshers.

It said, “The sensors are IPX water resistant rated like any other OEM sensor, and features a tough metal housing with high quality connections.”

You can find more details on our website, http://www.goshers.com/radar-blind-spot-detection-system-bsds-rd1108/






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