Brandmotion Intros SummitView Multi-Cam

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Brandmotion SummitView

Southfield, MI – This week, Brandmotion LLC, supplier of vehicle safety and personalization products for the automotive aftermarket, began shipping the latest in its arsenal of vehicle-specific enhanced driver viewing systems. The new SummitView™ line gives vehicle owners the ability to create a customized camera experience with up to six switchable views, whether for traditional road use or for more extreme adventures off-road.

SummitView technology centers on an OEM-sourced camera that features a 185-degree viewing angle. Designed and tested to rigorous OEM specs, its housing is both waterproof and shockproof, and its wiring harness is impervious to the elements. Its small size and paintable surface enable it to mount to—or match with—any flat surface in or outside the vehicle.

Users can select between two primary kits and even combine them to create a larger system. The front-view kit partners the camera with a powder-coated, three-millimeter-thick metal bracket that fits behind the fairlead, giving the driver an unobstructed view of the road, trail or hill ahead. The kit is available with either a two-inch-tall bracket (Part No. 9002-8850) or a taller 3.35-inch bracket (Part No. 9002-8853).

The second kit allows for additional cameras or custom applications with a version of the camera designed for flat-surface mounting. Available in either a single-camera package (Part No. 9002-8851) or a dual-camera package (Part No. 9002-8852), the kit enables recreational users to mount a camera in front of each tire to see ruts and obstacles on climbs, or even get undercarriage views to avoid hang-ups.

Additionally, drivers can control camera views on an aftermarket or factory display radio with either a two-camera switcher (Part No. 9002-6117) or a more capable controller with up to six camera inputs (Part No. 9002-6118). As both controllers accept trigger signals to select which camera can be viewed, enthusiasts can connect them to an sPOD™ switching and source system for seamless control with a factory appearance.

“These camera kits present exciting new possibilities for off-road enthusiasts,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick. “While driving safety is still their primary function, the ability to see around or under the vehicle while navigating technical climbs adds an element of fun. We look forward to seeing all of the creative ways that drivers use them to personalize their vehicles.”

The front-view options both carry an MSRP of $269.95. The stand-alone single camera kit retails for $169.95, while the two-camera system has a $299.95 suggested retail price. For more information, visit and click on the SummitView Cameras menu link.

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