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Mobile Solutions

Tempe, AZ – Mobile Solutions USA, the innovator in 12 volt technician training and fabrication tools, announces the latest addition to its Smart Frame System (SFS) fabrication tools: The Animal. Designed to expand upon the existing line of SFS shape creation templates, The Animal allows a variety of 3D shapes to safely and efficiently be fabricated on router table so that trim panels, face plates, speaker adapters and other parts have the professional-grade profiles that support visual and functional elements of factory-like automotive interior design.


Using a 17” x 11-1/2” acrylic shield with laser-etched alignment lines and robust handles as a base, The Animal utilizes side-mounted grid plates to allow secure attachment of multiple SFS rails using the supplied threaded hardware, twist-lock knobs and wrench – all of which are thoughtfully organized in their own inventory tray for effective storage. This virtually infinite system of mounting precision-indexed SFS rail components allows the fabricator to set angles for surface machining of parts to realize extreme contours, precision angles or the subtle dimension not able to be simply duplicated by sanding or other (potentially dangerous) router table methods.


In addition to The Animal kit, Mobile Solutions also introduces a new surfacing router bit that compliments the latest Smart Frame family member by safely and effectively removing material from the work piece being machined while specifically utilizing The Animal. The surfacing router bit is a 1.5” diameter, 1/2″ shank hardened-carbide surface cutter with four cutting blades to maximize cutting efficiency and leave an excellent surface finish requiring virtually no major sanding to prep for vinyl, primer/paint or utilize other finishing methods.


“The Animal came about as a series of process-driven trial techniques in our fabrication training classes over the past several years” explains Mobile Solutions founder Bryan Schmitt. “Since we are a proponent of hands-on fabrication learning, our collaboration with JT Torres ( guest speaker) became evident that safety as well as efficiency was important for our techniques taught to attendees. The Animal system addresses those goals with a near infinite range of possibilities from curved head unit bezels, door and trunk panels with factory-like dimension, angled speaker adapters, contoured plugs for molding metal mesh, and more.”


The Animal kit saves hours of labor from what has traditionally been a time consuming process to build a one-off jig to accomplish a similar task, and safety in the process is always important to observe. With a secure shield, precise alignment grids and mounting holes, as well as the safety and efficiency of repeatable results, The Animal 3D shape creator system is a revolutionary step forward in the interior fabricator’s tool box.


The Animal and surfacing router bit are both available now at the Mobile Solutions website –


About Mobile Solutions USA

Mobile Solutions USA is an innovation-driven company creating tools and delivering training that enable custom automotive electronics, audio and interior installations progress with a level of efficiency not otherwise efficiently achieved in the aftermarket automotive business. With the patented Smart Templates™ brand of design tools and many other process-driven innovations, Mobile Solutions USA serves the aftermarket automotive technician, fabricator and retail store community through direct sales and distributors around the globe.


Photo: JT Torres at Mobile Solutions workshop

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