Industry Helps Member’s Son

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A GoFundMe campaign launched last week, immediately raised over $4,000 to help the son of Hybrid Audio Logistics Manager Greg Menard.

Menard’s son Joshua was born with congestive heart failure.  Last week at school he collapsed with a blood clot that led to a stroke.  As of Friday he was recovering in the hospital, communicating by text as he could not yet speak.

The industry rallied quickly to the family’s aid.  Mark Ramsey Williams of the Indiana Sound Quality Facebook group launched the GoFundMe campaign with the aim of raising $5,000.  Within two days, the campaign nearly reached its goal.

Hybrid Audio is matching all funds donated between $3,000 and $8,000.

Menard is well known by many car audio dealers as he handles return authorizations and also does some product training.  He is very well liked, said Hybrid Audio Founder Scott Buwalda.

Anyone may help contribute to the Menards’ out of pocket medical expenses by going to

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