New CarPlay Feature From Apple

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Apple’s upcoming iOS, released in beta last week, makes it easier to use CarPlay.

You no longer have to return to the home screen each time you want to switch modes.  Apple placed a menu on the side of screen, which now includes 3 smaller icons for the apps last used.  So now it’s easier to switch between music or maps or phone, etc.

CarPlay VW
CarPlay Current View (above)


CarPlay iOS 10.3 Beta

Currently, if you want to switch modes you need to tap a home button and choose an app or swipe through screens—all cumbersome steps while driving.

Apple has not yet announced when the new iOS 10.3 with the new CarPlay update will officially release to the public.

Another new feature of iOS 10.3 is a “Find My AirPods” for those who have invested in Apple’s new wireless earbuds.

Source: iMore, Reddit

Bottom photo: imgur

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