EchoMaster Intros Six-Angle Vehicle Safety Camera

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Clearwater, FL: EchoMaster, global manufacturer of vehicles safety technology for consumer and commercial drivers, today, introduced a brand new safety camera under their EchoMaster brand: CAM-MV6. With a total of six different viewing angles, this versatile camera can be mounted on the front or rear of a vehicle for enhanced visibility, improving driver safety.

CAM-MV6, is unique among EchoMaster’s many aftermarket cameras in that it’s designed for numerous viewing angles. This makes the camera capable of producing an impressively comprehensive view of a driver’s surroundings. Capable of mounting on either a lip or a flat surface, it’s designed to function as either a front or a rear camera. What sets this model apart is its unique extended view capabilities. This allows the camera, and by extension, the driver, to see around obstructions that could block potential dangers like oncoming cars or pedestrians.

Seeing More with the CAM-MV6

A convenient button, mounted within easy reach of the driver, allows the driver to choose the extended views.  Giving them full control of the blind spots they need to eliminate according to their current situation.  When using as a front camera, the camera offers extended views of the left and right sides, in a split-screen view. Which eliminates the need for drivers to inch slowly forward when trying to turn onto a road with trees, signs, or other obstacles blocking their view of oncoming traffic. The camera can actually see around the object, giving the driver a clear and consistent view of oncoming traffic. When used as a rear camera, drivers are given extended visibility down and to the right and left of their bumper.  This capability greatly simplifies challenging situations like backing out into traffic, or attaching a boat or trailer to a hitch.

Along with multiple adjustable views, CAM-MV6 features a wide 180 degree view. Many rearview cameras on the market offer only a 90 to 120 degree view, meaning they can miss things that fall into their blind spots.  This extended viewing angle was designed to offer the driver the ability to see around obstacles.  Rather than dangerously inching forward or backward into traffic, the camera “peeks” around the object, keeping the driver and their vehicle positioned safely out of the way.   When used as a reverse camera, CAM-MV6 is a useful tool for drivers who tow, the low angle view can be used to help guide a boat or trailer into a hitch.

Key Features:

  • Sensor type: ⅓” CMOS
  • Min. Illumination (LUX): 0.1
  • Water/debris-proof rating: IP67
  • Viewing angle: 180 degrees

CAM-MV6 is available from authorized EchoMaster dealers worldwide at a suggested retail price of $199.99.

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EchoMaster has a strong history as a global leader in aftermarket vehicle safety camera, but CAM-MV6 is a veritable piece de resistance. With a wider viewing field, better visibility, and greater versatility, it is EchoMaster’s most recent step forward in their constant quest for vehicle safety innovation.


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