AudioControl Intros Maestro “Before the Amp” Tech

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AudioControl added its name to the growing list of companies supporting the new ADS Maestro AR “before the amplifier” integration module.

AudioControl said at CES that three of its DSP and amplifier products (two DSPs and one amplifier) may be used with a Maestro AR module, so they can install before the amplifier (and before all the factory DSP is loaded into the system) for a cleaner, simpler install.

Other brands announcing products compatible with the Maestro AR include Rockford, Kenwood, and Elettromedia (Audison).

AudioControl’s Maestro AR-ready products include the DM-608 and DM-810 processors as well as the new D6-1200 six channel amplifier announced at CES.

AudioControl’s Chris Bennett said of the new “before the amplifier” technology, “It’s the future of car audio. It really is going to allow us to be poised for whatever comes [in integration]. It’s easier to do it with software before the amplifier than to have to do it with hardware after the amplifier.”

Additional AudioControl products will work with the Maestro AR in the future.

ADS’ Maestro AR module will be available in March at $129.99 suggested retail price.  It works with factory amplified systems (such as Bose Audio systems) by connecting to the CAN bus of the car to read data directly from the radio before it reaches the factory amplifier where car makers usually load up the audio signal with lots of digital processing.  Now, combined with ADS T-harnesses for specific cars, so you get a clean signal, 2-channel signal, undistorted by all the usual factory processing, so you can easily add aftermarket components.

The first three T-harnesses cover 2011 and up Ford vehicles with My Ford Touch and Sony amplifiers. The other two cover 2011 and up Chrysler vehicles with 8-inch screens and factory amplifiers.



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