Hybrid Audio Intros Audiophile Speakers, Amp Pricing

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Hybrid Audio

Hybrid Audio will show at CES next month its new top-of-the-line Legatia X component speakers, capping its current audiophile speaker lineup.

In addition, the company announced pricing on its first amplifier, the U5x, which is now slated to ship in the first quarter of 2017 at a suggested retail price of $649.  The 5-channel amplifier is the first of a line of 5 Unity amplifiers.  They are Hybrid Audio’s first car audio amplifiers after 10 years of selling competition grade speakers.

Hybrid Unity amplifier
Hybrid Unity amplifier

The new Legatia X speakers have been in development for three years and are being released in commemoration of Hybrid’s 10th Anniversary. They are unusual in that users get a choice of composite paper or composite fiber cones.   And they are available with either a dust cap or an extended phase plug pole piece.

The line includes the Legatia X6– a 7.1-inch wide-bandwidth midrange/midbass driver and the Legatia X3–a 3.7-inch wide-bandwidth midrange/full range driver.

The Legatia X tweeter is a 25mm fine fabric dome tweeter with machined aluminum housing for lower housing resonance.  A tuned chamber lowers the driver’s resonance frequency, allowing the tweeter to cover a wide frequency spectrum while minimizing distortion.

All Legatia X drivers use neodymium magnets. Suggested retail price for a 3-way set is $3,499 with shipping expected in the second quarter 2017.

These are a la carte drivers for assembling component sets and they can mix and match with earlier Hybrid Audio Legatia series speakers.

Hybrid will also show at CES a new Helix DSP Pro MK2, 64 bit audio processor with cutting edge DA and AD converters.  It has a native resolution of 32 bits and an improved power supply and increased maximum output voltage of 8 volts, compared to an earlier version.

These will be on view during CES at the Venetian, Tower Exhibit Suite #29-210) in Las Vegas, January 5-8.  Email [email protected] for information.

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