Brandmotion Calls on Industry to Support Driver Safety

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Brandmotion announced at the SEMA Show Tuesday it has shifted its product and marketing strategy to driver safety and it called on the industry to support driver safety as life-saving technology.

Brandmotion President Jeff Varick said the company aims to support Vision Zero, which is an effort in many cities and countries to achieve zero traffic deaths by 2030.  It puts life and health over all other considerations for drivers, commuters and pedestrians and Brandmotion hopes to promote this within the 12 volt industry through an awareness campaign.

It will also focus product development on new safety technology for the aftermarket.

Brandmotion pointed to a 2015 study by The Boston Consulting Group that found that Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can significantly reduce the number and severity of motor vehicle accidents, which currently exceeds $900 billion in damages, 33,0000 deaths and 3.9 million injuries per year. The study also found that adoption of existing technology is growing at only 2 to 5 percent annually.

“After 10 years of helping people realize a better, safer driving experience, we are now going to concentrate on what’s most important,” added Varick.  The company’s new tagline is “Safer Cars Today.”

Varick said this theme “can and should be taken up by every automotive technology provider, whether OEM or aftermarket. We can’t wait the traditional 20 to 30 years for complete market penetration of a technology. We have a challenge and an opportunity to take steps today that will immediately make an impact and save lives.”




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