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As announced, the consumer car audio site, CarTech4You, has been launched by CEoutlook to help raise awareness of the car audio and electronics aftermarket and to generate interest in your own web site.

You can see our latest story on CarTech4You.  One of our next stories will be on Hi-Res Audio in the car.  If you have a suggestion for a story, email [email protected]


You can engage your web site visitors and look like the expert you truly are by running an RSS Feed of CarTech4You stories on your web site.

Also, you can promote hot new products from vendors that you carry by subscribing only to the RSS Feeds of your vendors.  So if you are a Pioneer dealer and Pioneer has a new hot CarPlay deck, it will appear in the RSS feed on your site.


We want to address the millions of consumers who don’t know they can buy great car audio, remote start and driver safety products at a local store.

We want to reach an audience that is not the typical demographic for a car audio shop, like women and senior citizens.

Once we get more visitors, we will reach out to the appropriate blogs, magazines and industry groups to help promote 12 volt aftermarket products to a wider audience.


We have learned that best way for your site to benefit from CarTech4You stories, while preserving your SEO, is by running an RSS Feed of CarTech4You stories somewhere on your website.  Often, it is placed in a side bar on your home page. 

Most retailers will want to subscribe to the RSS feeds on Car Stereo, Driver Safety and/or Remote Start.  Then pick the feeds for the brands you carry and follow the instructions for placing them on your web site.

For further assistance, retailers with WordPress web sites are invited to contact Mitch Schaffer of 1sixty8 media ([email protected]). He has offered to help retailers for a small fee.

Here are 3 feeds many retailers will want to select:

Car Stereo  http://cartech4you.com/category/car-stereo/feed/
Driver Safety http://cartech4you.com/category/driver-safety/feed/
Remote Start  http://cartech4you.com/category/remote-start-convenience/feed/

Then choose from the following:

ADS http://cartech4you.com/tag/ads/feed/

Alpine http://cartech4you.com/tag/alpine/feed/

Arc Audio http://cartech4you.com/tag/arc-audio/feed/

Audiocontrol http://cartech4you.com/tag/audiocontrol/feed/

Audison http://cartech4you.com/tag/audison/feed/

Audiofrog http://cartech4you.com/tag/audiofrog/feed/

Cadence http://cartech4you.com/tag/cadence/feed/

Cerwin-Vega http://cartech4you.com/tag/cerwin/feed/

Cobra http://cartech4you.com/tag/cobra/feed/

Compustar http://cartech4you.com/tag/compustar/feed/

CRUX  http://cartech4you.com/tag/crux/feed/

Diamond Audio http://cartech4you.com/tag/diamond/feed/

Directed http://cartech4you.com/tag/directed/feed/

ESCORT http://cartech4you.com/tag/escort/feed/

Focal http://cartech4you.com/tag/focal/feed/

Fortin http://cartech4you.com/tag/fortin/feed/

Hertz http://cartech4you.com/tag/hertz/feed/

Hifonics http://cartech4you.com/tag/hifonics/feed/

Infinity http://cartech4you.com/tag/infinity/feed/

JBL http://cartech4you.com/tag/jbl/feed/

Jensen http://cartech4you.com/tag/jensen/feed/

JL Audio http://cartech4you.com/tag/jl-audio/feed/

JVC http://cartech4you.com/tag/jvc/feed/

K40 http://cartech4you.com/tag/k40/feed/

Kenwood http://cartech4you.com/tag/kenwood/feed/

Kicker http://cartech4you.com/tag/kicker/feed/

MB Quart http://cartech4you.com/tag/mb-quart/feed/
Memphis http://cartech4you.com/tag/memphis/feed/

NAV-TV http://cartech4you.com/tag/nav-tv/feed/

Pheonix Gold http://cartech4you.com/tag/phoenix-gold/feed/

Pioneer http://cartech4you.com/tag/pioneer/feed/

PowerBass http://cartech4you.com/tag/powerbass/feed/

Rockford http://cartech4you.com/tag/rockford/feed/
Rostra http://cartech4you.com/tag/rostra/feed/
Rydeen http://cartech4you.com/tag/rydeen/feed/
Scosche  http://cartech4you.com/tag/scosche/feed/

Sony http://cartech4you.com/tag/sony/feed/
VOXX http://cartech4you.com/tag/voxx/feed/

Wet Sounds http://cartech4you.com/tag/wet-sounds/feed/

We realize we have not included every supplier.  You can add any supplier name using the same format in the links above or just email us and we’ll send you a feed for any suppliers not mentioned.


If you cater to certain cars you can add these:

BMW http://cartech4you.com/tag/bmw/feed/

Ford http://cartech4you.com/tag/Ford/feed/

General Motors http://cartech4you.com/tag/general-motors/feed/

Mercedes-Benz http://cartech4you.com/tag/mercedes-benz/feed/

Porsche http://cartech4you.com/tag/porsche/feed/



RSS instructions:

  1. Go to http://feed.mikle.com/ or a comparable RSS feed widget tool. (but instructions here are for feed.mikle.com)
  2. Enter the first feed you want to include from the above such as http://cartech4you.com/tag/car-stereo/feed/ in the first box and then click Add Feed.

Then keep adding from the above lists, adding one feed at a time and then click Add Feed again.  You can add as many as you like.

  1. A Preview of the feed will show on the right.
  2. User can customize the look of the feed by changing settings under General, Feed Title, and Feed Content. For example turn auto-scroll off
  3. When finished editing, copy the code found bottom right of the page.
  4. Paste that code (either javascript or iframe) in your website code where you want the feed to show.
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