VOXX Enters New Category for Expeditors

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VOXX Electronics is introducing under Advent, a line of power lift gate kits to remotely open your trunk to any height for loading groceries and other items more conveniently.

With the kit your keyfob can activate the lift gate of the vehicle, opening it automatically to a pre-selected height.

Under the system, users can hit the lock/unlock button three times on their factory key fob to operate the lift gate.

The kits will be vehicle specific, starting with the ADVLFTR4 for the Toyota RAV4 for the 2015-16 model years. It is due for release by the SEMA show in early November, followed by other lift gate kits for Ford, Honda and Jeep models.

The Advent kits also include “smart protection” against closing the gate on an object or person.

“It’s a good category for expeditors. There’s a demand for it,” said VOXX’s Shane Wilson, adding, that on the RAV4, a power lift gate is available only on the highest trim level from the factory.

The VOXX kit is fully plug and play and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Pricing will be announced.


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