Rostra Intros Rear Mirror with 7.3 Inch Screen

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Rostra announced a new rear view mirror with a built-in 7.3-inch LCD for linking to blind spot and other cameras.

The  250-8273  has three video inputs for automatic turn signal based blindspot camera activation, adjustable on-screen parking grid lines, and on-screen controls for manually selecting installed cameras.

“This advanced mirror provides all of the safety features that our customers have come to expect from Rostra’s backup camera systems while now including technology to automatically display video from blindspot cameras when the mirror detects the pulsing 12-volts from a blinking turn signal, as well as the ability to manually power on a forward-facing camera to assist in close quarters parking situations,” said Rostra.

The mirror may be used with Rostra’s 250-8160-BSC dual-camera blindspot system.


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