NAV-TV Intros M.O.S.T. Radio Replacement for Mercedes

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NAV-TV announced the release of a M.O.S.T  radio replacement interface for M.O.S.T fiber-optic equipped Mercedes Benz ML, GL & R vehicles.

The radios in these older vehicles are beginning to fail, creating the need for a lower cost radio replacement solution, said NAV-TV.  Factory replacements can exceed $4,000 in a vehicle that has depreciated over time to $12,000.

As a result, NAV-TV created a plug and play HUR MB V2 aftermarket solution that requires no modification to the car. It retains the factory M.O.S.T amplifier, sound quality, speakers and steering wheel controls. A European to Motorola AM/FM antenna adapter is included with the kit and vehicle-specific dash kits are available for purchase.

The M.O.S.T  UR MB V2 may be set up without a computer through the instrument cluster and steering wheel controls.

“Since the release of our OPTI-1 MOST head unit replacement interfaces for Mercedes S, SL, CL, CLS and E class three years ago, our sales staff have received over a dozen requests per day for an ML, GL & R solution. These factory radios are beginning to fail due to age, don’t have attractive features like Android Auto or Apple Car Play and a factory replacement can exceed $4,000.00. In some cases,” said NAV-TV’s Derek Schmiedl.

A video demo may be viewed at

The M.O.S.T  HUR MB V2 is compatible with the following Mercedes Benz vehicles with a factory MOST fiber optic amplifier:

2006-2008 ML

2006-2008 GL

2006-2008 R

For more information contact (866) 477-3336  or email [email protected]

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