NAV-TV Extends Reusable Interfaces to Ford

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NAV-TV extended its reusable interface line to Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

NAV-TV debuted the reusable interface line in December for General Motors models and now is extending it to all current model Ford/Lincoln vehicles with a 4-inch color monitor.

The backup camera interface FORD 4” UNI CAM “KT2″ can activate a rear view camera input in one, or multiple vehicles, using the same hardware.

NAV-TV says the price is 25 percent lower than any single-use solution on the market.

In a single use application, the KT2 allows an aftermarket rear view camera to be displayed on the factory 4 inch monitor automatically while in reverse. It also expands the capability of the factory color monitor to add an extra video input and enables viewing of the rear view camera in any gear.

For multi-vehicle use, the KT2 enables rear view camera integration only.

The unit comes pre-programmed with a single use and can be reloaded via a pay-per-use downloadable license file available in single, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 activations. Additional activation license files are immediately available upon purchase, eliminating shipping time and costs.

Each KT2 hardware interface is capable of activating a rear view camera in 768 different vehicles before it has to be replaced.

The FORD 4” UNI CAM “KT2” interface is available and shipping now through NAV-TV and Automobility Distribution in Canada .

For more information call (866) 477-3336  or email  [email protected]

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