Elettromedia’s Hertz Aids 12V Dealer

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Goeller family

Elettromedia’s Hertz is running a dealer discount program this month that will help benefit the family of Ryan Goeller, VP of Car Concepts of Salt Lake City, UT.

Car Concepts was Elettromedia USA’s first dealer.

Three of Goeller’s five children have been diagnosed with a rare disease, Cone Rod Dystrophy, which causes blindness.

Under the Hertz program, dealers who purchase a minimum order will receive a discount and Hertz will donate one percent of every order received to the Goeller family to help pay for costly genetic testing that Goeller’s children require. The testing is not covered by insurance.

“This industry has been very good at helping its own,” said Elettromedia VP Rob Wempe.  He pointed to the contributions of MESA, the car stereo buying/marketing group, which raised $100,000 for SiriusXM’s Dean Hutto who needed a lung transplant.

Car Concepts, on its own, is holding a silent auction in July where products will be on display at the store, and customers may bid on them. Santa Fe Distributing has already donated products.   Goeller said that funds raised above $15,000 to cover genetic testing from the auction will be donated to a genetic research foundation.

Goeller’s children who have been diagnosed with Cone Rod Dystrophy (shown above) are Gracie, age 10, Mazie, 8 and Evelyn, age 6.

Anyone wishing to donate products of all types (not just car audio) to the silent auction may contact Goeller at [email protected]

Contributions to the family may be made at GoFundMe here: https://www.gofundme.com/293qxd8?pc=em_co_dashboard_a

To contact Hertz, email [email protected]

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