VOXX to Ship Radar Blind Spot Detector

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VOXX Electronics said it will ship in about 60 days a radar-based blind spot detector that is similar to those found in new cars.

The radar technology is a form of Doppler and is more reliable than the infrasonic technology used in many aftermarket blind spot monitoring systems, said VOXX.

When you are driving next to a vehicle, radar will “see” that vehicle, while infrasonic, in some cases, will not “see” the car if it is going at the same rate of speed as yours, said VOXX Electronics Senior VP Aron Demers.

The sensors mount behind a rubber bumper so there’s no need for drilling into metal. Then there’s a dime-sized indicator that mounts where the A Pillar meets the dashboard.  It lights up with an icon when there’s an object in the blind spot.

Users may also get an audible warning, (a feature that can be turned off if the customer so chooses).

VOXX is currently testing microwave technology at 24GHz and 77GHz Radar for the device.

“From an aftermarket perspective, it’s as close as you can get to factory installed,” said Demers..

VOXX is looking at a retail price of about $699.

Blind spot detectors are considered the number one asked for product at car dealers, Demers said.

What’s the best way to sell blind spot detectors?  “I think a retailer should have a bumper in the store so that you can show how it mounts,” he said.

Soccer moms are a prime audience as many drive large SUVs and are mindful of safety.   Another key audience is parents of teen drivers.




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