VOXX Ships Free Remote Start From Phone

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Carlink BT

VOXX Electronics is now shipping what is essentially free remote start from a phone over Bluetooth.

It’s new Carlink BT is a Bluetooth module that allows a remote starter to work with a smartphone within 50 to 80 feet from the car without service charges. It turns your phone into a spare key for the car.

The Bluetooth module is free with VOXX’s Prestige PROCORE remote starters, although users must download an app for $7.99.

VOXX will also offer a standalone version of the Bluetooth module  that can be used with remote starters from other brands for a one-time charge (it was about $70 as announced in January).

VOXX considers Bluetooth a stepping stone to full cellular-based remote start systems with unlimited range so you can start your car remotely from almost anywhere.   It gives customers an incentive to start using their smartphone as a transmitter and car key, said VOXX.  Then they may want extended range, and upgrade to a full cellular version at $99/year.

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