First Combo Autosound Tint World Shop Opening

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Auto Sound Tint World

The first car audio/Tint World co-branded shop will open May 1.

After 13-years as a car audio shop that had built plenty of SEMA and CES cars, Auto Sound Specialists, near San Francisco decided to dive deeper into window tinting as a profit center.

As we reported here, Auto Sound Specialists took a hard look at its business, so it could position itself for growth over the coming years.  It was also long overdue for a remodeling of the store.

“We looked at what will help us long term. If you are going to clean up and remodel your stores, why don’t you do it with something that will have brand recognition,” said owner Kenny McCardie.

As McCardie saw it, he could update the store on his own or follow a proven model with a recognized brand.

“The average Tint World is a third of the size of our store and does over $500,000 annually.  So ours is 7,000 square feet, and that gives us a lot of potential,” he said.

McCardie took a loan and decided to co-brand the shop, keeping his Auto Sound name so as not to lose the good will he’d built up over the years.

But next year, McCardie plans to open a second, standalone Tint World store, also in Northern CA.

The shop is already carrying some of Tint World’s car audio brands; it will keep some of its other brands but also weed out others.

It already carried wheels and tires, but will now add auto detailing.

All Tint World franchises receive a window tint plotter and receive help with finding personnel, said McCardie.

The shop is already about 75 percent through the Tint World renovation and will have a soft opening in April.

You can see more on Auto Sound Specialists here.  And we’ll show you pictures of the new shop when the remodel is complete.

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