Fortin Updates Ford Remote Start Solutions

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Fortin EVO ONE

Fortin has updated its Ford remote start and security solution for its EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE remote start systems.

The update no longer restricts door lock control, and it can control the OEM remote while the engine is running. Both modules offer 3X LOCK remote start (the ability to remote start the car by pressing on the the lock button of the factory keyfob three times) so you don’t need a separate keyfob.

RF kits can also be connected directly to the module for remote start from a longer distance from the car.  And the system can work with compatible smartphone apps.

A T-harness is available to help installers speed-up their installations. THAR-FOR1 T-harness works with 2010-2014 standard key vehicles. This harness is exclusive to EVO-ALL, EVO-FORT1 COMBO and EVO-ONE Fortin modules.

No key need be sacrificed for the installation.

The EVO-FORT1 COMBO includes an EVO-ALL module and custom fit T-harness that comes preloaded with Ford firmware.

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