New Aftermarket HUD Debuts in Q3

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Hudway Glass

Hudway is expected to start selling a low cost car dock in the third quarter that converts your smartphone into a heads up display (HUD).

Users snap their phone in the cradle that has a specially coated plastic  screen. The system works to project information from the phone onto the windshield.

So far three apps are available for the system that optimize turn by turn directions, traffic and speed & red light camera info and speedometer info from your phone.  When the apps are projected onto the windshield, users see a simple user interface.

Over 1 million drivers have tried the product, called Hudway Glass, and the company raised $622,000 on Kickstarter last fall.

Those who pre-order pay $49 for the device, and receive shipment in April, otherwise the price is $69 with shipping in Q3.  It’s pretty inexpensive for an HUD that works with a phone.

The company says most drivers end up driving blind (eyes off the road) for about 300 feet every mile, which translates to a ½ mile on a 10 mile trip. Typically drivers are checking their speedometer or looking at directions on their phone. So Hudway created the display to allow those functions, and others to appear on the windshield.

The device can also show who is calling.

Hudway mounts your phone on the dash and provides the “glass” screen which enlarges images on the app by 20 percent and reduces glare.

Gizmag wrote, “Hudway’s own app for Android and iOS doesn’t visually overwhelm users, but instead focuses on displaying only a few bits of data at a time, making them large, easily readable, and (hopefully) not too distracting.”

You can see the product here

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