First 4G “Dropcam” for Car?

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A startup called Caruma Technologies plans to offer in the third quarter, the first “dropcam” for the car—a 4G dash cam that let you view into your car in real time.

When it detects movement, the Caruma Cam sends an instant notification to your phone. If you tap on a button you can then see live what’s happening in and around your car, so you can determine if there’s a theft or a cat that jumped on top of the car.

The device also doubles as a WiFi hotspot and it can function as an anti-drowsy device as it can monitor if your eyes are getting droopy and sound an alert.

When the car is in motion it can deliver driving info from the cloud and work with apps to offer driving support.

The device takes minutes to install, without requiring an OBD2 connection. It mounts on the dash or windshield, and has a battery that lasts 7 to 10 days.   Or it can be professionally hardwired into the battery of the car. It also connects to your phone with an app.

Caruma CEO Chris Carson told CEoutlook the company plans to sell through “various retail channels including brick and mortar stores.”

Carson said he got the idea watching someone park a car, cramming into a tight space, and repeatedly bumping the neighboring car.  The driver walked away, ignoring the damage he caused.

The Caruma Cam has a motion sensor, gyro, GPS, Bluetooth LE, WiFi and 4G. And it has dual HD cameras (forward and rear facing) with 1080p video recording to an SD card. Each camera has 170 degree vision including night vision. Take a look here.

The company is working with developers to offer a bicyclist identification app to alert cars that a cyclist is nearby.

Caruma can be installed in any car and is expected to carry a price tag of about $349.


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