Rockford Joins With Hushmat on Sound Dampening

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Rockford announced it has teamed with Hushmat to offer sound dampening material under Rockford’s Deadskin line.

Hushmat will help develop Deadskin sound dampening material, designed to reduce road noise and vibration in the car, including vibration created from heavy bass.

“Hushmat is a pioneer in the category of sound damping materials, and so they are the perfect company to help us develop our new offering of Deadskin products,” said Rockford CEO Bill Jackson.

Deadskin products include trunk, door, speaker, laser-etched stainless steel license plate frame, and bulk kits.  It has a material thickness just under 1/8-inch (1.5mm), and is designed to be applied to most surfaces with little or no preparation. It is also cold formable to irregular surfaces so no heat guns are required. Foil is available in both silver and black.


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