Vinli Will Connect the Car and Home

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Vinli, Inc., an OBD2 4G hotspot with GPS tracking and more, announced “the end of the fragmentation” between the connected car and the connected home.

A Vinli device can be used with leading home products like Nest, Icontrol Networks, and Samsung’s SmartThings, where the Vinli Home Connect app integrates control of temperature, lighting, security, and more. And these can be timed and controlled based on the proximity of the car to the home, such as when you approach your driveway.

For example, if your teenager is the last to leave the house, the back door locks, the lights turn off, the temperature adjusts, and the security system arms.
When your car gets close to home, the house “wakes up” and the temperature adjusts, the lights turn on, and the shades open.

For the car, Vinli provides a 4G LTE / WiFi hotspot to almost every car through the OBD2 port. It also provides emergency roadside assistance, car tracking and apps.

Vinli also announced last year a cloud-based smart dashboard called Vinli Carport that is available to automobile manufacturers.

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