AudioControl Ships Cool Installer Tool

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AudioControl mic

AudioControl is shipping a new tool for car audio installers–a smartphone-based Real Time Analyzer (RTA) that brings down the cost of an RTA to $299 (AudioControl’s previous RTA cost up to $1,500).

The device is actually a microphone that turns your iPhone or iPad into an RTA.  Called the SA 4100i, it measures sound pressure in real time and breaks it into different frequencies in 10 octaves.   It also acts as an SPL (sound pressure level) meter and a polarity tester to tell if speakers are in phase.

It works with an app (free) to allow dealers to test for problems in the audio system, and it can also be used to set up a new system properly.

AudioControl’s Chris Kane (pictured above) noted that it can be used as a sales tool, to show the problems in a current system.

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